What Exactly Should I Expect During An African Safari?

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Are you planning an exciting African safari in the coming months and want to know what to expect? It is safe to say that no two safaris are ever going to be the same, but there are some common things that you should be on the lookout for. Knowing a few things will help your vacation become more enjoyable and create everlasting memories. The following tips are going to allow for a pleasant safari in the Dark Continent!

One of the first things you are going to want to do before you even leave for Africa is to keep things simple. There is no need to bring a lot of luggage and carry-ons. Africa is going to provide all the entertainment you need. Grab your phone and a tablet and you will be set for the few downtimes you have. There is no need for a lot of clothing. You really only need just a couple of changes, as all of the lodges offer professional laundry service in the price. If you take a lot of clothing you are going to be feeling it after the first day of lugging around so much excess baggage. In addition, you need to consider that much of the traveling you will be doing is on small one-engine planes and they have a weight limit for luggage. So expect to take as little as possible on your African safari. Our suggestion is less clothing and more photography equipment!

This Safari Is Real

If you have ever gon on a safari in a theme park, this is nothing like it! Those theme parks do everything to keep you safe and while the guides do their best you need to understand that this is not a theme park ride. You are going to get very close to wild animals. You need to always be thinking and be prepared for anything. Never get out of the tour jeep for that once in a lifetime shot or it may be your last! You are going to see wonders that you could never have imagined, but it is never 100% safe. Always listen to your guide and do exactly as they say. They know the land better than anyone and have a great instinct about them.

Better Than 5 Star Hotel Tents

I know many people would steer clear of an African safari because they hear the word camping. However, if you are thinking about a simple canvas tent with a sleeping bag under the stars you would be wrong. The only statement that holds true is being under the stars which is one of the most beautiful aspects of the trip. The vast majority of African safaris include lavish camps complete with huge bathtubs, high-powered showers, and beds that you will not want to get out of. I know many people who refused to leave camp just to stay and relax! They are incredible and there really is no way to describe the surprise you will feel as you step into a safari camp for the very first time.

The People Make The Safari

The vast majority of people go on an African safari for the wildlife. It is one of the last ways to get close to such magnificent beasts. However, it is usually the people they encounter on these safaris that are long remembered. In fact, do not be surprised if you make a lifelong friend out of the encounter. The people of east Africa are truly some of the friendliest in the world. They are happy to have you as a guest in their land and make sure that you are happy and comfortable.

Use the advice in this article to plan for your safari and expect the unexpected!

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